Sunday, January 15, 2012



27 degree weather wouldn't stop this group from gettin' their smile on. This is Ruth and her son James, his wife Angie and three kids - Shiann, Zion and Jayla. James is an Allentown firefighter and an all-around awesome guy. You can see how much he loves his wife, kids AND of course how much he loves his mom, Ruth. She is a pastor to many women and it is very exciting that she is starting a non-profit organization called Restoration Life Center. She just brightens your day with her warmth and loving heart. To know Ruth is to LOVE Ruth. I was so honored to do this photoshoot.

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Georgia Ann Tice said...

Just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful photos. I am Angies mom and the other very proud grandmother of the beautiful children. I live in Georgia and do not get to see them very often so these pictures bring them a little closer to me. Thank you.