Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Never gets old...pics of my fluffy puppy...that is! ;) Just sitting here relaxing for the night while working on some freelance projects with my fluffy puppy sitting next to me and my husband is watching a show called "Fringe" (I'm not really into that show so it works out perfectly). I love the evenings at home all cozy and settled while working on my laptop. I have 3 projects going on right now plus my full-time job. I'm enjoying it though. I also just helped a newly formed non-profit organization (run by kids) build a website. We did it in 2 days!!! It was a labor of love. www.mauricemitzvah.org. They are asking for donations to benefit senior citizens in nursing homes who don't have any family that visit them...monetary and/or any new or gently used (looks new) items.
Also, a little side-track, my AWESOME friend Carolyn (foodie-friend/graphic designer extradornaire friend) has a new Food blog for the Lehigh Valley...check it out! It's called LV Eggplant. I'm so excited b/c her and Josh (her genius boyfriend) are making dinner for us on Sunday and the key ingredient is PURPLE potato...{dun-dun-dun - camera pans to the asian guy who is holding a green pepper and while he is approaching it to take a bite he quickly switches to an apple (CRUNCH) ....ha ha...you'll only know what the heck I'm talking about if you've ever watched Iron Chef America} ha ha I can't wait to tell you all about the awesome meal and awesome time with such awesome friends! xo My life is so rich. Ahhhhhhhh. Peace.


carolyn said...


(knife sounds)

funny FYI: we bought a 2 pound bag of miso the other day.

Mme. said...

Yum! That sounds like a lot of fun! I checked out the blog right before lunch and it made me so hungry! Carolyn's pictures are really nice and all the food looks amazing! PS) I love the picture of T&R! :) So cute! xo