Saturday, December 6, 2008

Please view my updated website! I may change it again soon but for now I have more pressing projects to get moving on.
I'm happy with it - I'm not sure about the font for the links though. Hmmm...still thinking about those.


Lanii Be Good said...

Looks great! I LIKE the font for the links. I actually don't love the font for your Welcome/Bio bit - seems too stark of a contrast from the fancy scrolling script IMO.
I also think you have way more amazing pictures than that one with the tea - but you always look fabulous and very likeable to me!

F A N C Y*pants said...

Thanks Alana for your input. I actually took what you said to heart and it turns out I found a pic that fit the theme of the site with the books and everything. A photo by Alison Conklin. You're always so honest with me. ha ha. I love that.

Anonymous said...

I got your e-mail and I love the framed look. I like the new photo better then the last, just because the colors match better, but the old photo was a cute one of you- I love the flow of the site now with the new picture. I did click on the comment page and the only thing I was wondering is if it could also have that pretty grey background as well, it showed up as a blue background? Maybe it was my computer, but I love the site! hehe! I swear I wish I had something that I needed a site for.. because I would love to hire YOU to do it! xo BBB!