Sunday, November 30, 2008

I had the best Thanksgiving weekend ever! My lovely and dear friend Jen (and Kyle) had us as their guests. We stayed the night as well. The next day was just as much fun because Kyle took us on the Airforce base and showed us around. It was so interesting. (Thanks Kyle!) I have so much respect for people that are in the military.
I talk to Jen every morning but since she lives in a different state I don't get to see her that often so this was a real treat! I got to see her town and we went shopping at all the places she loves to go. (And she's quite the Fashionista/Shopper) It was so hard to leave but we'll make our way out to visit again for sure!
The rest of my weekend was great too. On Saturday I went to Bath & Body and stocked up on all kinds of smelly goodies! I got $106 worth of stuff for $5.00...yep $5.00. The VIP bag was $15 if you spent $40 but since they were trying to get rid of everything they were giving them to everyone for $5.00 no matter what you spent! I was so siked!!!!!! And then I went to Pier 1 later that day and I got stemless wine glasses for $.98 a piece!!! Score!!!!! I have been wanting these for awhile. Then we came home and put up our Christmas tree. Today (Sunday) I cleaned out my closet and reorganized it by color...Black, Grey, White, Blue...etc etc (you get the idea) - It feels so much better to have everything color-coded. I saw somewhere that you should do this and then hang your hangers backwards and then when you put something back into your closet that you have worn you put it in the opposite way and then you can see after 6 months what you're not really wearing. And then after that time you can clean out the items that you're not wearing. Good call. So that is my plan! I took the clothes that I'm currently not wearing to a consignment shop, The Attic and got $78.00 for the stuff I gave them! So exciting!!!! It's a really cool consignment shop! I love it! My dear friend Abby showed me that jem! I was so excited I went to the farmer's market and bought 2 NY Strip steaks. I seasoned them to perfection and then just cooked them in a skillet. But the best part is that I made a fresh garlic and butter sauce to pour down over top of them. And I took a big slice of crusty sourdough bread and put it under the broiler and then rubbed a clove of garlic over it and then put the sliced ny strip on top of it with the garlic and butter mixture and then I had green peppers and onions (carmelized) on the side. Oh my goodness...I thought that I died and went to heaven it was so freakin' good. Ryan and I both had a food coma!!! And now I'm watching "Get Smart" and I'm going to continue to edit those photos from that wedding that I shot for a family member. I hope to have those all done by the end of the week and then I'll share a few of my favorites. Well I hope your weekend was great too! Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!!!! xo :)


Anonymous said...

Hey BBB!
I LOVE that picture you took of the four of us, that was a good idea. I love having it!!!!! Thank you for sending it my way!! Thanksgiving was a great day, and I love that you visited, saw the sights and enjoyed the day. I love you so much, so I was glad you could see a bit more of my life here in DE! It felt like you had been there a million times, but I knew I would feel that way, I feel really comfy cozy with you. Friday was a ton os fun too. I'm glad you were there... here's hoping for the same thing NEXT year!! :) Also, what a SCORE at Bath & Body! OMG! That sounds SO stinkin' cool! And good for you for cleaning out your closets, I meant to do that too.. I just didn't. Boo. Talk to you tomorrow am! loves you bbb! oxoxo

Anonymous said...

hey...since we didn't get to talk this weekend, reading your post is almost as good. i enjoy the details.
dude you took your clothes to the attic without telling me? i might need to go buy them.
lets have a christmas party soon!

carolyn said...

i've never heard of the attic before, i'm totally gonna go there on friday! thanks for the informative post nici :) also, that dog is really cute.