Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Diary of an Obscene Hair Obsession

It's crazy.
I don't know why I am never at rest with my hair. I'm never happy or settled on any one style. I saw these 2 pictures and I was thinking that they could possibly work for me but I was trying to let my hair grow. It's so annoying. I annoy myself. I really like the hair color that Ricci has below:

but also I like the style that Katie has below:

But...I was going to let my hair grow. Errrrrrrr, decisions...haha!

In the grand scheme of things it's really not that important but these are the things that plaque my thinking as I'm watching television or a movie or looking at a magazine. But that's the curse of being a girl. Well, not all girls are this way. But anyway, I want to find that "it" style for my face shape (as every woman always does). I like when the hair color matches the skin tone perfectly like on Ricci's picture above. It makes your skin look like it's glowing! I want to do something new for the summer. But I'm not totally sure.

Sorry! You're probably wondering why you took the time to read this silly post! ha ha!!!!

Wierd little factoid: Did you know that the word "coiffure" means hairstyle? I didn't - and it sounds obscene.

And one last thing: I am drawn to this wierd hairstyle for some reason but my husband wouldn't like it. Not that he would try to stop me but I do want him to like my hair too. Of course.

I just like the tossled look of it and it would look so cute with a headband or a fun hairclip pulling the bangs to the side. I always liked that look. It's so cute. But hmmm, probably would never ever do a short cut like that again.

Ok. That's enough of my hair talk. It's silly. But it's addictive! :)

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