Sunday, June 29, 2008

the book.

I became close friends with my scissors this weekend. The project at hand was to make a "vision book" instead of a "vision board" or "inspiration board". I thought that option would work better for me. I had an extra Moleskin brand journal/sketch book and some glue sticks and I got to work. The whole thing about a "vision book" or "vision board" is to fill it with things that inspire you. And this inspiration is supposed to help you to align your life with what you really are supposed to accomplish in life. For me I didn't really plan or think too much when I was tearing out pages and cutting and gluing I just went with my gut and pasted things that stood out to me or things that gave me a certain emotion that I was connecting with. And I feel like this book is something that I can look at when I'm feeling "blah". It's kind of like a creativite recharge or jumpstart when you feel low. I notice that when I don't do anything creative for awhile that I get depressed and lazy. But after making this book I felt totally recharged and happy and totally at peace with myself. I even took it outside in my neighbor's backyard and they were so intrigued by it. I spent hours on it and I filled the entire moleskin journal in a matter of a day. It was so fun. The colors and textures all mixing to create and inspire. Here are a few pages of my raw and messy collage...not a new idea by any means and I know lots of people make collages but I wanted to post these not only for you the reader (all 5 of you...haha) but for myself as well. A little bit of inspiration to get me motivated when I'm feeling low. Also, I learned something about myself this weekend...that I need to change my thinking. I need to think the right thoughts. Sometimes as human beings we think the worst things right away or give in to insecurities or worry and I understand that I need to decide NOT to think negative, discouraging or condemning thoughts. There are mornings when that's a challenge because the first thoughts that come to mind in the morning are worry about the day ahead or about bills or money. But all in all, "This too shall pass" and I know that God has great things in store for my future. I'm learning that I need to start out the day with "something great is going to happen today" and have proactive positive thoughts. If you walk around with negativity in your life then you just attract more negativity. I am taking inventory of what I've been thinking lately and I'm going to really work on being more gentle with myself and (dare I say) more forgiving toward none other than moi.

This book looked interesting and it's only 13 cents on Amazon used so I snatched it right up!


Mme. Fabuleux said...

your super cool....


i heart you

ps. i love your new header and music player.... it's all so pretty pretty.. maybe someday when things slow down and you are not so busy.. i can get a header designed by fancypants/aka my bbb!! :)

empress-jule said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for the invite! I've enjoyed your blog. I'm on live journal but have only written on and off lately~

Michelle said...

love your's great that your exploring and having fun! I'm horrible cause I have folders of clips that I have yet to display or arrange yet. I love the cover of your book. I have the card that says, LIFE ISN'T ABOUT FINDING YOURSELF. LIFE IS ABOUT CREATING YOURSELF.