Thursday, March 20, 2008

Inspiration Boards

Earlier, I had mentioned the idea of a vision board. Well shame on me, I haven't made mine yet but I do think about it daily and what kinds of things that I want to manifest in my life with the idea that your thoughts really do determine the course of your life just like what you say dictates where you're headed. But anyway...I just discovered this blog called Inspiration Boards and one artist particularly stood out to me: Meg. I am envisioning my vision board taking the form of something more like this. I picture changing it quite often with images, quotes/poems and artwork that inspire me and help me in the creative process.

My wonderful and inspiring friend sent me a link to her sister's blog and the entry spoke volumes to me about the creative process and using the resources that you have and being at peace with that. If you read the 3rd paragraph down in her blog you'll understand what I'm referring to. In my personal life, I've been procrastinating a little bit at home with my creativity waiting for a new laptop (which came today...yay!) or waiting to get the right desk or surround myself in the "perfect" creative environment when if you look at that Turkish lady you'll see that she doesn't need the "perfect" creative space, she's content to work her craft right in the place she inhabits, seemingly at peace with it. I just awoke to that in my life today. Thanks Kate! It's the simplicity of the human spirit that is needed and almost a child-like confidence/naivity to be brave enough to start any creative endeavor.

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