Friday, March 21, 2008


Since it's Good Friday I thought that I would share a bit my family's heritage and tradition on Easter. My dad is 100% Ukranian and speaks the language (has to speak it) to my Grandmother. Growing up I always saw these eggs in her china cabinet and they are so beautiful but very tedious to make. Every Easter you are supposed to get a new egg or make a new egg.

I love some of the Ukranian foods such as Paska bread, pierogies, halupkies, horseradish (mixed with red beet juice to put on ham), kielbosa, saukraut. Yum! My Grandmother makes the BEST pierogies anyone could ever ask for (from scratch) and you eat them with butter and carmelized onions...oooooooooo so good!!! Not stuff you want to eat everyday but on the holidays it is tradition.

Anyway...I hope that your Easter holiday this weekend is wonderful!!!

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