Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm not much of a "diy" person but I think that it's such an achievement and creative outlet to be able to create such a beautiful piece of furniture out of something that someone else was just going to trash. Also, I just want to be able to truly personalize my space. I'm on the hunt for a desk for my home office space/spare bedroom. I saw this and this and it really inspired me to decoupage an old desk with fabric of my liking. The fabric on those nightstands really isn't my taste but I could find really nice fabric at a Joanne Fabric store or at IKEA and get a bottle of decoupage and create my own masterpiece. ;p Also I have old bookshelves that are kind of boring (and just sitting in my attic) - I was thinking that I could repurpose them and put wallpaper or contact paper on the back wall behind the shelves such as this:

(photos from Design*Sponge)

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theVintageZoo said...

ohhhh.... i love it. how fun. you'll have to post photos if you do it!!