Monday, February 18, 2008

love. yourself.

one of the most important things in life is to affirm YOURSELF and to love YOURSELF.
be grateful for everything you have and are.
realize that everything that happens in your life makes YOU who YOU are and be grateful.
life loves you and you should love life.
when you think positive thoughts, positive things come to you.
don't desire things in the shallows.
desire things from your core of peace.
anything you want out of fear or that feeling of "i have to have it right now" is not what's best for you.
be still. listen to YOU. the real YOU. and become all that you're meant to be.

I have off today and it's so nice to have a day to think and meditate on these things.
Life moves at lightning speed and I rarely get the chance to BE STILL.
Life is precious.
You are precious.
Think good things.
Love yourself.
We weren't born to buy things and have more stuff.
It makes life fun to have things. and we are human beings so a nice pair of shoes has their place but we shouldn't be consumed by what we GET.
Having nice things is a by-product of being at peace with who you are and by doing what you're meant to do.
I'm going to make a "vision board".
It's a bulletin board where you can post things that you want to bring into your life...not just things...but dreams and hopes that are good and healthy and will benefit my life and the lives' of those around me.
It's meant to keep my goals clear and keep my vision in front of me.
I think life is so rich and so meaningful and I feel like I need to focus my thinking on what I really want and what's really important in my life.
I heard someone say if you don't "need" anything everything comes to you.
The law of attraction.
Be positive even when someone or something negative comes into your path.
I think that you get through the bad times quicker if you have a positive attitude.
People will wonder why you're still smiling and will be drawn to you and good things will be drawn to you.
Forgive others.
Forget the past.
Don't force it.
Feel it for real and be patient with yourself.
Whatever happens to you teaches you and helps you grow.
Let bad things go.
Separate yourself from whatever happened to you that was negative.
I think that true healing will occur in our lives' when we do this.
Give me a day off and I start to preach...sorry :) ha ha!
This wisdom gives me extreme excitement for life and gives me hope!
These are powerful principles that God sent into motion when he created the universe.
It's amazing b/c you don't even have to acknowledge God for these principles to be in effect in your life.
However, I do acknowledge that every good and perfect gift comes from HIM. I listen to Joel Osteen's messages and he inspires me greatly. He was recently on 60 minutes. Go to 60 minutes interview-it's under the "Newsmakers" catagory. Also, see the happiest country in the world while you're there.
I haven't been going to church lately but I think that God is trying to tell me these things and wants me to live a full and healthy life.
I've heard these principles from Christians and non-Christians alike.
Powerful stuff!


Anonymous said...

I love this post! In the times that most of us slow down and have time to think- it's true how many things you realize and also discover that time waisted on negative thoughts are the worst time suckers. Life is happy, life is good! I love you!

Michelle said...

It's always good to keep things in perspective...when it's good it's really great, when it's bad it's STILL good! I never tire of an encouraging word... cause honestly my "self-talk" sucks! Thanks for spreading the LOVE.