Monday, February 18, 2008

makeup tip (from Paula Dorf)

I heard a great makeup tip today and it's so good it's worth sharing. Paula Dorf says that her mother taught her to put on her eye makeup first...(WHAT? You can't do that!) Wait...maybe she has a point, my brain I continue to listen and she explains that if you do your eye makeup first you'll tend to go lighter on the foundation and/or blush. It makes sense. She says some women put their foundation and blush on heavier before getting to their eye makeup. Hmmm...I'm going to try it. Couldn't hurt, right?

"Sometimes if you put foundation on and your blush on you seem to go a little heavier without having any eye makeup on so if you put the eye makeup on then you don't go heavy anywhere else and then it balances. Also if you put eye shadow on and you have your whole face on then all the powder seems to drop under your eyes so then what do you do to clean it up? If you do your eyes first then you can put your concealer on after and it will clean up your whole look." -Paula Dorf


Lanii Be Good said...

That is probably true. I think I heard from Carmindy (What Not to Wear) that you should put blush on last for the same reason.

alisonco said...

very cool idea! :P