Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm totally.

Getting these this spring.
Shrinking violet...nope that's not me!

Also, I'll take one of everything on this page! Well maybe not everything...but you know what I mean! Geez it's a good thing it's too cold right now to wear any of this stuff b/c I'd be shop, shop, shopping!!! I'll wait a month yet...[gasp] if I can hold out!


Lanii Be Good said...

What a totally wearable take on the gladiator! Nice!

Anonymous said...

It's SO funny you posted this. Number one, I just ripped out a magazine article that had the very same shoes in it - since I wanted them too, and had my photobucket worked this afternoon - I would have bloggede about those shoes on the VERY SAME DAY! Spooky! Then, I also was in Old Navy yesterday and bought an Ikat print top and was in love with all the safari ikat patterned pieces (and again would have blogged about it today had my photobucket not been down). wow, spooky - sooooo spooky!!! hehe! OHOTB! ;) xoxoxoxo