Tuesday, February 5, 2008


lately i've been thinking a lot about hope.
yes that small four letter word, h-o-p-e.
I always think about faith and having faith. faith in god. and faith in myself.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for while the evidence is not yet seen.
So faith and hope work so closely together.
I never think about hope though.
Until now.
I got my hope back!
ha ha!
being hopeLESS is no fun.
So hope for great things in your life!
Dream BIG!
Don't expect bad things to happen...that'll just wear on your attitude and the way you percieve life and it will drag you down.
Be encouraged that your life is priceless and there's a plan, Stan (wink wink ;p) for your life!
Even the least of us have great worth.
Someone sent me a corny story about a $20 bill...wouldn't you still take one if it was crumbled, torn on the edge or spat on? Yes, you would b/c it's still a $20 bill. Right? And how much more valuable are you? Life crumbles us, tears us and spits on us at times but we're still so valuable!
Be encouraged today!


alisonco said...

sweet. love this!

Anonymous said...

This was very inspiring.