Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i'm smitten

I really get a kick out of this artist: Ashely Alexander of i’m smitten
I'm thinking of getting this "sleeping giraffe" 28" x 20" unframed print for my home office (along with an illustration of hers). My office is going to have a more organic feel to it with warm colors and such. My husband drew butterflies for me our first year of marriage when he had no money to buy me a gift and those are already hanging in that room. [hmmm, maybe he could get these for me for Valentine's day.] ;p I'm excited to decorate my office and make it feel personal.

I really like this artist b/c she's so imaginative and it reminds me of my children's books when I was little and how I would stare at them for hours and hours. You know how children's books always have that magic and imagination where the animals talk to you and go to school and such. That's her philosopy "to bring something imaginative and strange into your day". Very cool. And it's fitting for my design office/space. You know? It will remind me to be imaginative and creative like I was when I was a child. They have all the magic. ox

Ashley also designs stationary, purses, tshirts and more.

this canvas tote is only $15 (avail in black or canvas color)

She's got a bizarre style that makes you go hmmm, but I like that.

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Lanii Be Good said...

I'm sorry to say but...though I like her style...the animals heads really kind of upset me, actually. Like, they make me feel creepy. If there were no heads, I'd think she was great but....with them it looks a bit demonic or like some horrible unethical scientific hybrid experiment gone wrong. But I've seen this artist twice in two days so it must just be me!