Tuesday, October 23, 2007

lunch conversations...

Denise: I hate my life.

Abby: Oh I can totally see how.

Denise: Wait, what do you mean?

Abby: Well you know, you have a beautiful home, a cute puppy, a loving husband, a kickass wardrobe, a new car and today it seems like your biggest gripe is that you can't get a croissant that's not broken on the corner.

Denise: Yeah I guess I shouldn't say I hate my life.

Abby: No you shouldn't.

Denise: Thanks Abby. But it does take a lot to maintain all that stuff.

Abby: Yeah your life is so hard. shut up.


alison said...

lol - love it

Anonymous said...

You are cute.

And it's true...

Your life is good stuff....

You've got it going on sista...

But.... alas.. I have those days too!