Thursday, October 25, 2007

No more splint/cast!!!

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Last night Tegan got his splint/cast removed and I couldn't be happier!!! The vet put this head thingy on him to keep him from biting at his paw b/c he has a skin infection from it being in the cast for so long. So he's on antibotics and has to wear this head thingy. He's so cute though and he handles it all pretty gracefully. He's a good boy!!! :) But within a week or so the infection on his paw will probably be cleared up and then I can free him from the lampshade. He gives me these pathetic little faces like, "Mommy, ouch...take this off". Uh...he makes my heart hurt he's so cute!!! He also isn't using the paw that was broken yet but the vet said that is normal because the muscles are atrophied (sp?). So anyway as if I don't post enough pictures of my puppy, I thought I'd let everyone see him with his lampshade head thingy!


carolyn said...

awww poor tegan! well at least he looks like a little tulip now :)

Anonymous said...


He's free at last..


hehe. xoxox!