Tuesday, September 4, 2007

broken puppy :(

my puppy broke his paw.

he likes to jump off things.

things that are too high for him.

he scared me BIG time...he could've broked his neck.

we spent 5 hours in the animal hospital emergency hospital on Sunday night.

and to top it off i had the flu sat, sun, mon, and now today tues too.

talk about the blues...

i love him SO SO SO much!!!!

i snuggled with him ALL day.

we were sick together.

he's so cute.

even with a broken paw.

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Mme. Fabuleux said...

T REX!! I hope he feels better! The pictures are so cute though and you are a great mom to stay home and snuggle with him (even though you might have been sick too) I am sure Tegan loved having his mom around. :) I loved the pics, made me miss my BBB and her cute little dog too! :)

xo! love you