Monday, July 16, 2007

Aranzi Machine Gun Vol 1 ...cute, cute...arggggg it's so cute!

I was at Barnes & Noble on Saturday to get the Pomeranians for Dummies book and while walking through this little book caught my eye...probably b/c it says "Cute...cute!" and "'s so cute" on it! And b/c it's hot pink with a cute bunny illustration on it! :) I love cute things! Cute things make life more fun and make me laugh! This little book is originally all in Japanese and it's translated into english for us. If you are a craft nerd, you'll love this book because the entire thing is made with sewn characters and there are patterns in the back to sew things. SO CUTE! I wish I could sew. Maybe one day I'll get a sewing machine so I can make fun things. I think it would be so fun to make totes, placemats with a little space for chop-sticks, magazine holders, bedside hanging thingy for your book, pen, glasses,etc...the list is endless! Maybe when I have a house and I have more room and then I can put a sewing machine in there.

Anyway...I highly suggest you get this book...because it's so fun and little and a perfect purse companion for waiting in lines, bus rides, train rides, dr. visits, etc. It's so fun!!!!! I love it! I'm addicted to these little characters now!!! ha ha!


This is Mr. Sprite and these pics aren't in the book that I got but the book that I got has him in it and it's an entire photoshoot with him going on a trip in comic strip form with no words...really great, really great! I love this little book. Ingeniusly cute!!!!! :)

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Mme. Fabuleux said...

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG. That is so cute... and so are you!

Pom's for dummies! :) I got the same thing when I got Grendel, expect different breed! OHOTB! :)