Thursday, January 26, 2012

This is going to be a good year...

I just celebrated my 33rd birthday yesterday! I was telling a friend that this is my "Jesus year" I don't want to sound super-spiritual or weird. And although I was joking, there is a bit of symbolism hidden in the connection I made to the fact that I am now that same age as Jesus was when he stepped out to do what he was meant to do. Okay now that I compared myself to, I'll come back down to earth. My twenties were all about trying new things and making mistakes. And now my thirties have been more of a concrete discovery of my true passion and purpose. My passion has always been wrapped up in the arts somehow. Just say the word "art" and my heart skips a beat. I feel so at home when I go to the Chelsea galleries in NYC. I love journaling. I love fashion. I love design. And mix that with my tendency to be emotional, I've finally found my one true love and my passion as a photographer. I could spend every spare moment shooting, editing, pinning, blogging or pouring over amazing, emotional photography. It's not the technical aspect that impresses me as much as the ability to freeze-frame a split-second in time that will never repeat itself exactly the same way. And to be able to preserve that special memory and to bring the viewer into that space to feel the emotion from that moment. To me there is no greater or more fulfilling career path that I could take in this life. My father is a photographer as well so he and I share this passion. I call him or he calls me just about every day to discuss this dream of mine. He is my biggest encourager. He believes in me. What more could a daughter ask from her father. Right before Christmas he and my brother were at my house and after we had dinner we were sitting on the couch just looking at some photography. A few months prior my dad and I went to the photo expo in NYC and my dad said I was like a moth to a light because I didn't want to leave the Canon booth. I just loved the speakers and the opportunity to play with the cameras and lenses. We talked about the Canon 5D Mark II the entire day. I told him that every single photographer that I admire uses that camera...heck, even Saturday Night Live shot their into to their show and most of their video shorts with that camera. By the end of the day my dad was finishing my sentences with ...5DMII. It was becoming our little joke. Okay, so back to that moment on the couch with my brother and my brother says to me that he and dad have been discussing investing in me and my future and getting me this camera. My dad pulled out his credit card right then and there and said let's order this camera. After picking myself up off the floor and recomposing myself I logged onto the B&H website where I secretly had a "dream" shopping cart that was just sitting there for the future. Little did I know that my brother and my dad would make that dream come true a lot sooner. I had 2 lenses in the cart as well and my dad said leave those in the cart, we're getting it all. This is not typical of my dad to do this sort of thing. I've always worked hard for everything I have. Nothing has been handed to me.  I never asked my dad to get me this camera. He (and my brother) wanted to invest in me because they truly believe in my success. This is going to be a very good year. I have some exciting things planned. I feel alive inside. I {spontaneously} have to stop what I'm doing at times to journal my ideas and my thoughts. I'm excited. Every day I wake up and say "Something great is going to happen today". And I find that when you walk into your days like this, guess what, truly amazing things really do happen. It's all about how we think and how we choose to perceive things. I can do anything and be anything I believe I can be. And so can you. And you have to remind yourself to ignore the negative voices. Or the accusing voices that try to push you down or keep you in a box of what they think you should or shouldn't be. I'm breaking out of the box of small thinking. I'm bursting inside with inspiration and excitement for what's to come! 

The hardest thing for me is to be patient and to take things one step at a time. I sometimes want to arrive without taking the journey. But I have to walk this out one step at a time. One of the steps I've taken is to take my branding to the next level. So I decided to get a new logo for my business - new year - new logo! I'm the kind of person who changes their hair color constantly so I'll probably play with the colors of this logo and eventually will crave change again {I get bored with things} but this is the new logo:

I'll be working on my website as well so until the new website it up I haven't changed the logo on my old website or blog. 

Thank you for listening to me ramble on and on. I'm kind of excited...can you tell? If you are reading this, please know that I appreciate you so much. I value my blog readers. You are a part of why I'm doing what I'm doing. xoxo (And when you leave me a comment it totally makes my day!) LOL

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Jas said...

Wow! So exciting! I better book you now for a family photoshoot. I loved how our other pics turned out and I wanted to try it again in June, put us on your tentative calendar before you book up!