Sunday, December 4, 2011


Katrina and Jarrett have a special place in my (and my husband's) heart. Katrina was my doula during my labor with my son. This couple has moved beyond friend status and I consider them family. I've been friends with them since before they started dating many many moons ago. They are a beautiful couple who are still in love after all these years!


Jen M said...

Denise WEAVER! These photos made my heart flutter, those two are so cute, but the photos you captured are just magical. I love Katrina looking out the window- also the heart on the fogged up window. These are beautiful couple photos. I may try to beg and plead you to take some for K and us before we leave for Africa. You are AWESOME! xoxox

DENISE said...

I would LOVE to photograph you and K. OMG. Love it. :) Thanks Jen. I appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics, Denise! You have such a talent! We'll definitely contact you when KT gets engaged (nothing on the horizon yet though).
Katrina's Mom