Friday, May 27, 2011

Lovely days are ordinary days...

And when your dad and brother come over to your house at 6:30pm with pizza in's a special treat and a night off from worrying about dinner after a long day of work. Now don't get me wrong, I love to make dinner but by Thursday night, when I'm standing in the kitchen slicing onions my legs are aching and I just don't have the energy. It's always such a treat to see my dad and bro. I love my dad. He's so interesting. He brought over his iPad tonight and showed me lots of fun stuff. And he always brings me NYC gallery books, oh and he brought me a Bridal Photography booklet (for ideas, he says). I really appreciate my father. He is very knowledgeable about just about anything you want to talk about. He reads CONSTANTLY! We had a very ordinary visit but it certainly was lovely. Pizza. Yum. I made chocolate peanut butter cookies for dessert. I put a pot of coffee on...a new Sumatra blend that I got from ReWired Cafe on Main St. in Bethlehem and because of how hot and humid it was outside we turned our coffee into iced coffees. Mmmmm refreshing. Oliver was napping when my dad & bro got to our house and when he woke up my dad came upstairs with me to get little O from his crib. O was so confused that he started to cry when he saw my dad. I felt so terrible, but my dad works A LOT and he travels a lot so we don't get to see him that often. It only took a few minutes for little O to warm up. And from there on it was smooth sailing. In no time Oliver was climbing all over his grandpa and the two were smiling and having a good ole time. And Oliver loves my brother - he has this obsession with my brother's beard. He likes to touch his face. It's cute. I gave Oliver a bath later than usual (9pm) and shortly after starting his bath my dad and brother left and little O went to bed. Ryan and I finished the AI finale (in our dvr from last night). Even though I am not a Scotty fan, I still can appreciate that he is a better country music singer than most of the more popular country music singers out there. And OMG, are Scotty and Lauren a couple? While we are talking about music, I have been obsessed with the new FLEET FOXES album. I play it on repeat in my car and while I'm at work with headphones on. They are my absolute favorite band. Well, I love so many bands, but they rank up there pretty high!

The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. Thomas Moore/Irish poet (1779 - 1852)

There are no pictures with this post. Sorry, just words. Today was a very ordinary but lovely day.

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AquĆ­ said...

sounds like an amazing dad you have! Hope you're having a good weekend!