Thursday, January 27, 2011

This photograph was taken by my dear friend Alison Conklin. She has such a way of capturing the personality of her subject. In this case, it happens to be my love, Oliver. He is getting SO big. My aunt and I were talking today about how great his personality is. He is a happy baby. He wakes up from his naps very gently and sweetly. He only crys when he is hungry and I get can't the bottle made fast enough! Or if he needs his diaper changed. He is such a lovely baby. He is talking (baby talk only) so much lately. This morning he ate a whole container of sweet potatoes and after finishing he still opened his mouth for the spoon, so I had to make him some rice cereal AND then he wanted a bottle right after that! He is just a hungry little boy! He eats like his dad. He is healthy and seemingly smart and alert. I'm so thankful. Today was another snowday! Geez, I've had 3 or 4 already this January. It's crazy. But it's so nice to be home with my boy.

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