Saturday, October 23, 2010

Utilitarian/Military Fashion Finds


This week I cleaned out and re-organized my closet while Oliver was napping. It felt so good. I really needed to walk into my closet and feel inspired since I'm really having a hard time dressing my postpartum body. I know I have to be patient with myself to lose the extra pounds. I started doing some strength training workouts at home and I downloaded the Lose It app for my iPhone so I can count my calories. It's amazing how many calories you really eat in a day! But anyway, in the spirit of a new season and wanting to feel inspired, I wanted to do a fashion post (which I haven't done in a while). I enjoy these so much! I love these easy, comfortable, practical yet fashionable separates that you can mix and match with new and old pieces in your wardrobe. I love these pieces and I had fun putting this little ditty together.

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