Friday, January 15, 2010

I still can't believe that I'm pregnant! My body won't let me forget though. Between the extreme fatigue, getting up to pee 3x a night, constipation, really sore boobies, cravings, nausea (well that is starting to fade a little - thank God!) and mood swings it's evident that I'm not my normal self. I keep reading that the first trimester is the worst for all of these things. But I'm sure each trimester comes with it's own discomfort and crazy body change.

Yesterday was my first doctor's appointment. It was just a consultation with the RN to go over what to eat, what not to eat, family medical history, what to expect, etc. The nurse gave me a really great pregnancy planner with tabs and stickers to mark your appointments, classes and ultrasounds. (I like the pictures too.) My oh my...I was sent to the lab for blood work - FIVE vials full of blood! Yikes. The woman that took my blood was very gentle though. She said she used the tiniest needle on me (the same one she would use on a little kid). I got a kick out of that. She said "this is only the beginning..." I told her my fears and she said not to think like that. She said that I need to think positive and that God is giving Ryan and I a gift and that this is my time. She said you must be ready so just don't think about the negative. I really liked that woman. She was so cheerful and positive and honestly made the experience go very smooth. I don't like needles. But before I knew it - I was out of there.

I'm excited for next week's appointment where I am going to have an ultrasound and full exam. Ryan is coming along for the ride as well. It should be very reassuring to see something real. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat.

This is such a faith walk for me. I am just trying to go with the flow. I can't wait to have a big belly - strange but true! At least then I'll know the baby is growing and things are progressing. I'm such a nervous nelly. I never understood why mothers got so nervous but now I totally get it. I didn't want to get pregnant but now that I am, all I want in the world is for this baby to be healthy. I can't wait to be a new mom. God knew better than me on this one.

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DESIGNS by Rashada said...

What a great post!! Congrats again Denise!