Saturday, December 26, 2009

Makeup Forever


This is a fun, girly post for me because I'm obsessed with trying new beauty products. I could spend a whole day at Sephora - I am thinking about getting a part-time job there! :)

a. Makeup Forever HD: Primer, Foundation and Powder: Really happy with the lightweight feel - it doesn't feel heavy or tacky like some MAC foundation. However, the coverage is less than the MAC Studio Fix.

b. Best of Makeup Forever: This is nice because I didn't have to buy the primer or powder (shown above) separately. I wanted to try the primer first so this was a handy set for me. It came with eyemakeup remover, eyeliner pencil, mascara, primer and powder. Also shown in the pic is the package for false eyelashes. I never wore them before and the Makeup Forever lashes were a cinch to apply and the glue lasts all day without a problem. I actually think it may be quicker than applying mascara and the results are much more dramatic.

c. O-Glow Blush by Smashbox: I've been using NARS blush in Orgasm/Laguna duo for years now but I thought that I'd try O-Glow. I'm really happy with the fresh-faced, perfect pink color. I had to get used to applying it with my fingers though. I'm so used to applying blush with a brush. I still put bronzer on first (Bare Essentials Warmth) but then I just put a tiny little dot of this gel on the apples of my cheeks. It is like your natural blushing color.

d. NARS eyeshadow in Tropic: This is from the Summer collection but I don't care! It's such a pretty, glittery, deep blue/aqua color. It's a high-pigment eyeshadow that goes on very smooth. I did a bright smoky blue eye with this shadow on Christmas day.

e. Sephora Nail Polish in Dark Room: I love this dark greenish almost black color! What else is there to say? I have a few other (almost) black nail polishes now...blackish-purple, blackish-red, blackish-blue, and now blackish-green.

f. My daily skin care routine: I was struggling with acne for awhile and I tried EVERYthing - you name it, I tried it! And all the while my husband was telling me to try his skin care routine. He has it down to a science! So I finally gave in out of desperation. And I'm so glad that I did because my skin has cleared up dramatically. I'm totally hooked now. First I wash my face with Cetaphil facial cleanser, then I put about 4-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil in the palm of my hand, next a few drops of the Jojoba Oil and rub those two together, then apply to my face. Last I take a pea-size amount of the Aloe Vera gel and put that on my face. It moisturizes and acts as a shield from my makeup. At first I was afraid of the word "oil" but honestly my skin has been perfectly moisturized and has been 80% clearer AND I'm using all-natural organic ingredients which makes me feel good!

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carolyn said...

haha so ryan's technique worked did it? never doubt him again! ;P