Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Amber and a very artistic boy named Rob who fell in love and decided to get married in an apple orchard.  
This is the official wedding booklet that the minister read from when performing their ceremony.

And this is the dock where they said their vows.
And this is where the guests sat while the two professed their love and became no longer "I" but "we".
The "G" stands for their last name and Amber is happy to take it on as her own.

This happy couple was lucky enough to attend. :)
Oh! That's the "minister" who married the couple...he seemed to really enjoy the apple orchard with his wife when he wasn't "officiating" the wedding.

Very lovely program. For the two trees found out they were really ONE.

The happy groomsmen await their walk down the aisle.

The guests wait in anticipation.

The "minister" is ready.

Ah! And the moment has finally arrived...for the two became ONE!

Now the celebration can begin...the hay wagon takes them to the reception.

And they await to be announced for the guests are waiting for the reception to begin!


Michelle said...

How wonderful! I went to a wedding in Vermont on the same day! Looks like your wedding was extra special since your husband joined the lovely couple! The location is so quaint and special...I NEVER get tired of viewing/hearing about how two people in love decide to express this in marriage, just one of the most beautiful things in life I think. Check out my photos of the Vermont wedding weekend on my flickr page when you get a chance!

Mme. Fabuleux said...

These photos are so cute and you look AMAZING!
aw bbb!!!!!

Alison Conklin said...

love the photos! you look so pretty and it looks like a perfect day for a wedding! loved the b&g style!!

Lanii Be Good said...

Great - I love how you posted it as a little love story!
How'd Ryan get to officiate? Do one of those online things?
Love your dress,too,btw!

Bill Cummings said...

Thanks for sharing... and for calling from OH when you were there. Cherie and I were looking at the photos together and talking about how cool we thought the whole concept of that wedding was... and how cool it was that Ryan got to officiate! You both look great!!