Sunday, August 17, 2008

Somewhere hidden inside me is a free-spirited, bohemian "surfer girl" waiting to bust out! :) ha ha...Haven't ever seen SWELL before?...check it out! Great comfy styles!!!!

I mean I could wear any one of these outfits!!!!! Scarves and dresses and boots and beenie hats, oh so fun! I love the colors and textures and layers and comfort!

An outfit for each day of the week...


~Picked up a bit of sunshine today at the market!~

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Mme. Fabuleux said...

This is a fun post..
All the outfits are super cool..and bright and fun..
and are so super you- very fun and chic...

Also, sunflowers are so pretty- right?
They look beautiful!

Misses you big time.. and love you too!