Saturday, August 23, 2008

On a windy day, 
the kind where my hair gets messed up 
and sticks to my lip gloss
I decide it's a perfect day to fly a kite. 
The wind, 
that otherwise is a nuisance, 
can also be comforting and make me smile. 
It can blow a fresh breeze 
into the open windows of my home, 
causing it to smell lovely. 
Wind can destroy
but it can also push my kite higher, 
causing it to soar to heights I never thought possible. 
Wind is something I hate in the winter 
because it's bitter and makes me shiver. 
But it feels good 
when I make it home safely 
and shut the door behind me. 
I unravel my scarf,
take off my hat, gloves and coat 
and just melt into the warmth of my home.
But even winter allows me to fly my kite.  

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Mme. Fabuleux said...

Aw.. this is really pretty..
everything about this post...
is soothing and cozy.

Michelle said...

ahh...*sigh* a wonderful, warm, and peaceful moment :D