Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Fun Filled Fourth.

It was quite spontaneous you see...I had absolutely no plans for the 4th and then my friend Abby calls me at noon and invites me to her party. And it was so much fun! Even through the rain! Between the Beer Pong (personally, not my favorite game but fun to watch), a game of Taboo, crazy good food, alcohol, sparklers, and Abby's fire escape that doubled as a deck, we had so much fun! A few highlights for me:
1. Jaret's steak rub crusted burgers were amazing.
2. Abby's homemade beer battered onion rings and grilled corn on the cob rubbed with cilantro/mint butter mixture.
3. I wanted to make Mojitos but the state store was closed so I had to settle for the premade mojitos and just added my own fresh mint. Mmmmm, I love fresh mint. I've been putting it in everything lately! It's so refreshing!
4. I had a lot of fun taking pictures too!!!! I really like that photo of the watermellon that I took. It was vodka soaked watermellon except the watermellon didn't soak up the vodka. Oh well.
5. Old friends, new friends and just simply hanging out with some good music.
My totally unplanned 4th turned out to be a blast! Thanks Abby! Oh and I can't believe that the Bethlehem fireworks went on. Most of the group headed out for a quick fireworks show but with the rain I felt like staying behind.

More Photos HERE!!!!

:) Hope your 4th was fun too!


Michelle said...

Looks like you had a fun fourth! We're freshly back from our vacation in South Dakota so we spent the day cleaning, unpacking and catching up on freelance work. We did celebrate with a nice grilled dinner last night at a friends house...and the weather was nice :D
I like that you had fun taking photos...I took WAY too many on my vacation. I edited them down to 327 on my flickr!

Mme. Fabuleux said...

I LOVE these photos..
and the rest of the photos on your Flickr!
Yay! I love me some BBB on Flickr!
The watermelon picture could be a poster....

Beautiful! :) xoxoxoxo