Sunday, July 13, 2008

my 2 favorite guys

I can't imagine a father any better than mine - I just wish that we would spend more time together. He's a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I can't remember a time in my life where he was wrong. (Damn!) I'm so stubborn so I've always challenged him. Today he was teaching me about the oil open trade market. I never knew how all of that worked. And whenever he comes over to my house or when I go to his house he has New York Times newspaper clippings torn out for me or Ryan. He's so interesting. Gentle and kind, he always listens to me when I talk and offers the best practical advice. I had a great time with my family today. There's such a sense of feeling safe when I'm with them. And my aunt had me laughing so hard that my stomach and my cheeks hurt. She's a freakin' comedian. I never met a woman as funny as her! As we drove home Ryan told me that he really loved my family and that he enjoyed talking to them because of how kind and open they were. That meant a lot to me.

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