Friday, May 16, 2008

spa time

well not totally...i can't afford a trip to the spa so I thought that I would just pamper myself at home. I'm dying my hair right now and while the hair dye is processing I'm painting my nails, drinking a glass of wine and eating caramel chocolates. Hmmmm, yeah that's right. I'm pampering myself. I was going to do a face masque after I rinse the hair dye out. It's been a very busy and challenging week so this is really refreshing me right now. It's been such a "blah" rainy cold day so I went tanning earlier. My skin always feels so good after a little tanning sesh. I want to have a little glow when I go to Vegas at the end of this month. I've never been to vegas and I'm really not into gambling at all and I've always thought of vegas as being very tacky but we'll see. I'm getting more and more siked to go. I'm going for my new job for like 5 days. I will miss my hubby and puppy tremendously. That's what I'm dreading most about the trip. Well the buzzer just went off...gotta go rinse out the hair dye. Happy Friday!!!! go pamper yourself!

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Mme. Fabuleux said...

You are so cute!
It looks like fun!

I wanna see what your new hair looks like!!
It looks redish????

Also, I love spa time at home!
Sad.. I wish I lived close, we could have had spa time together! Got our hairs did, did our nails and did facials!!! Next bbb day, lets do that and get MD friend chicken and watch Oprah...

Little secret, guess who's been watching her?
yup, she's now on my Tivo list.
you betcha!
Ever since her interview with Tom Cruise last week- and re-watching the couch sitch, I've been hooked.

Misses you.
love you

Did you see the paris pic and ung drill pic on my blog for our house pics; yeah, I totally had to have em. So perfect- and now we match- I hope you still heart me. ;)