Tuesday, March 18, 2008

100 things to do before I die (cont.)


26. Own a home in Key West or somewhere warm
27. Retire and breed pomeranians
28. Make my husband the happiest he's ever been in his life
29. Get out of debt and then pay off someone else's debt
30. Drink a pint in an Irish pub with my husband
31. Learn how to play the Beatles song "Blackbird" on the banjo
32. Drive across the country with my friend Morgan in an RV
33. Write a book that changes someone's life
34. See my husband achieve his dreams in music
35. Get physically fit
36. Get a tattoo
37. Plant a garden
38. Go to the Louvre with my dad
39. Skinny-dip with my husband on a secluded island
40. Encourage a stranger with a smile
41. Be at total peace with myself
42. Color-code/organize my closet
43. Go to Rejykavik, Iceland
44. Learn to silk-screen
45. Live free from worry
46. Truly let go of the past
47. Learn from my mistakes
48. Visit a castle and possible sleep there for a few nights
49. Design a kick-ass flash website
50. Surf in Hawaii

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