Tuesday, February 12, 2008

. : . : smallthings : . : .

It's almost Valentine's Day and while I don't usually get all hyped up for this holiday I remembered the gift that Ryan got me last year from . : . : smallthings : . : . Of course, I picked it out! ;) He's not THAT good...ha ha!!! Whenever I wear the ring and necklace I get a ton of compliments! Each order is handmade right when you order it. You just pick the color of the stone and the design that you prefer. There are so many choices it's hard to pick one.

Last year I picked the slate blue stone with the bird design and I got the asymetrical necklace and the large vertical ring. (shown below)


Michelle said...

Love this jewelry... you're so fortunate to have some pieces! Been a fan for a while. You would probably love this jewelry as well.

She had a great booth at Renegade last year...

Of course you would love these pieces too cause it's fancy!


This ring is my fave:

Anonymous said...

I love the ring you have- so much. It's really pretty. I thought someday I would buy one and come to think of it, that is a great Valentines gift for Kyle to get for me- ah- maybe next year! ;) xoxoxo bbb