Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hair color/hair cut

Over the weekend I stopped in to see my friend/hair stylist and this is the cut that she gave me. The week prior I had it colored and had my highlights all filled in. I try so many new styles/colors with my hair but I think I'm going to stay put with the darker shades for now. With my skintone and eye color I'm thinking this will work best. I'm anxiously growing my hair out - I guess the upside to that is I can play with all the in-between styles. Also, this short sleeve sweater that I'm wearing is from Forever 21 - I got it around the time of my birthday. It has really fun sleeves. These pictures are kind of rough...forgive me, it's taken with my iPhone.

1 comment:

Mme. Fabuleux said...

I love the color, and the cut is pretty pretty too. You look fabo (boc).
loves you