Friday, January 4, 2008

Men's Health Serbia/My Design!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! I was just whining yesterday about my lack of designing lately and this couldn't have come at a better time. My co-worker just handed me the new January 2008 Men's Health issue from Serbia and they picked up a story that I designed. I was given a slew of facts and statistics and was told to make a bold graphic visual layout. And here is the result and Serbia is the first country to use it! Yippers Skippers!!! Hopefully the other countries will jump on board as well! Hoooooray!!!! (i'm a dork...but I'm really happy)
I was told there are more countries to follow!
(please don't mind my terrible scanning abilities!)


Lanii said...

As I said on myspace - flippin' awesome!

carolyn said...

congrats!!!! that layout rocks my socks.

Anonymous said...

This is STUPENDOUS to the max.

You deserve it bbb.