Monday, January 7, 2008

Building a Wardrobe

Okay, I'm not the fashion expert so I don't think that I have any authority to tell people how to do anything. Half of my fashion posts are just for me to remember what I liked and what inspired me that day. And it's fun to share with friends and fellow bloggers! Recently I read something on the site, Rachel Zoe's tips on Building a Wardrobe and it was really good so in case you didn't see it I'll share...

Along with those key quality items I think finding unique thrifted items or pieces in trendier stores are totally do-able for me and I'm going to work on that! :) I like to look unique though so I'd definitely have to dress these pieces up with one of a kind accessories and such.

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Lanii said...

A very nice summary! Victoria Beckham's "That Extra Half an Inch" is a great place to get the basics (see my blog).

Wow...that sounded like a shameless plug! Didn't mean it to.

And you're totally right about the thrifted pieces, unique accents. Those you add to your basics that never go out of style.
One of my grandma's used to take me school clothes shopping every year. The last year she did, my freshman year of college, I focused on all basics - black slacks, black suit, white blouse, slightly ribbed tanks in grey and white - and more and I still have them all!