Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Food Should Taste Good

I love Food Should Taste Good chips! They are made with ingredients that you can actually pronounce and they are sooooooooo yummie! I ate the Olive chips last night for dinner. Ryan was at band practice so I didn't feel like cooking. These chips are not only tasty but they are nutritious as well! I don't like cheese but if you like cheese you could eat a little slice of cheese ontop of the Olive chip.

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And don't get me started on the chocolate flavored chip...they are very good. They aren't as sweet as you would expect. They have a hint of cocoa flavor. They would compliment ricotta cheese or marscapone cheese well. Look at me...a non-cheese eater, talking up cheese! But seriously you could do a lot with these chips and you don't have to feel guilty about it...just save some calories for them!

There is also a jalapeno flavored chip that goes sooooo well with salsa or guacamole...you've just got to try them! I got mine in the organic section/health food section at Wegman's!

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Here is a little food review I found online for the Jalapeno chips and I totally agree with the review - if I could've written it better I would've but it's spot on:

Taste: The large, reddish-orange chips were each a large quarter-circle, and you could see some of the crushed red peppers embedded inside the chips. I didn't notice much jalapeño taste at first, as it was pretty much a regular tortilla chip taste, but there was a moderately hot jalapeño aftertaste that kept growing as I ate more chips. That lingering heat soon became the dominant taste. The chips were fairly thick and had a very good crispness. They generally had just a slight curvature, so they're decent but not perfect for dipping, as I dipped them in both sour cream and salsa without any breakage.

Aroma: At first, they just smelled like regular tortilla chips, but after that, I could smell some tomatoey spices.

From the package:
"For mind. You haven't tasted chips or crackers like these. Trust us. The flavor will surprise and delight you. For body. We put the flavor in the chips, not on them. Only a handful of all natural ingredients are needed to provide the rich and savory flavors. For you. We invite you to experiment with out products. These original tastes are perfect for a variety of occasions, from informal snacking to hosting guests around a dinner table."

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Kimberly said...

We buy the jalapeno ones all the time. MMmmm.