Monday, November 5, 2007


Okay so I'm a dork. I bought legwarmers. But I bought them from Abercrombie & Fitch but that probably makes me an even bigger dork! ha! But I love them. I feel they don't look like Flashdance, bringin' back the 80's. They are cozy and fun and warm. I'm wearing them over skinny jeans today with ballet flats. Also pictured is my beautiful purse that my friend Jasmine's mom bought for me. I saw hers and loved it so she picked one up for me since she got it in Indiana. It's by Necessary Objects and it wasn't expensive but it's SUPER cute and I HAD to have it!!!!!

And there you have it folks. I love legwarmers. (to be read in Brick's voice-like I love lamp. oh, nevermind.)


Anonymous said...

You are so super fly.

I love these.

I am sooooo going to copy off you!!

hehehehe! Wuv You!

alison said...

so fun. i remember these from back in the day. i think i had a hot pink pair.

yours are much cooler and much more grown up.


In The Moment said...

I once at a big red candle.