Monday, September 24, 2007

Sycamore Bark / Highwaisted fun

Hi!!!! Happy Monday!!!! xo

This weekend was like no other for me!
1. I never painted my own personal living space before!
2. I never went to IKEA alone (it's like an hour away...and then who is going to help you lug the crap into your car?)
3. Once you start redecorating the list of things to do becomes infinite!

Here is the color we painted our bedroom (this is before we hung anything): The color of the room before we painted was a cranberry red - blek! And the color we painted is called Sycamore Bark by Martha Stewart - got it at Lowe's.

(this is after we hung some stuff- awww Ry's sleeping...ha ha):

We're not done yet but here are a few more pics...I'll post more when the room is do you see why I said the list is endless once you start redecorating?

We're going to hang 2 more floating shelves there so there are 3 of them stacked. I'll probably put tea lights or a vase or little plant on there or something.

This is my dresser...Ryan painted the mirror frame white yesterday.

Our windows...there's actually 3 of them but the photo wouldn't take with all 3...too big...

We plan on putting really nice dark colored, maybe wood blinds on those.

And here is a closer look at the pic above our bed...the pic is bad with the light...but hey these pics are from my iPhone.

I think it's cozy and fluffy - perfect for above a bed. Very soft. Adds a feminine quality to the room. I thought the browns were cozy but much more masculine.

And...just to be silly...

Highwaisted fun:
Just a few pics of my outfit for today...b/c I had fun picking out my outfit today.
Top: Old Navy $8.99
Jeans: Old Navy $20
Shoes: Macy's (don't remember the them last year) - they are Kenneth Cole


alison said...

love the new layout. and i love your bedroom. it is relaxing and calm. yeah! your own place. its the best ever!!

Anonymous said...

BBB! I love all the pics of the bedroom, it is so classy and the woodwork is amazing. Such a nice space!! I also love your outfit! Guess who is going out to buy those jeans- haha- me me me!!