Friday, August 10, 2007

In the trenches...

A trench coat is so seamlessly classic and yet modern, sophisticated at the same time!!! I went to Old Navy to return a dress that was too big and found the perfect thing to make me excited for fall!!! A simple trench coat...I got it in gray! But they didn't have a picture of it in gray on their website. I guess you can only get it in gray in the store. are the black and khaki colors. I envision wearing the gray one with skinny jeans and cute ballet flats. Simple. Yet sophisticatedly chic! :) hee hee! And with my new hair cut I feel like everything I wear that has a collar just really pops! So that makes it even more fun!!!!

Also while at old navy I bought Tegan the cutest little striped polo and got him a cute carrier bag that I can carry him in...

Here is what the back of the polo looks like (it has a really cute graphic on the back)

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:) :) :)

And, ohotb, I GOT that black trench! Was it the one for $35.00?? I totally got it toooooooo! I lurrrrv it!

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