Monday, June 18, 2007

New York how I love thee!!!

I absolutely LOVE NY!!!
I'm so glad that I live close to the city...well close enough to make a day trip there!!! It's my favorite place to go with a bestie, ie Jen!!!!!
Here are some pics from our awesome trip. We took the train from Metro Park Station/NJ Transit and then walked up 5th Avenue until we got to the Apple store and then went to Central Park, Times Square, and spontaneously went to a Broadway show! We saw Legally Blonde! It was so much fun! I love that movie so I really appreciated the musical. They had really good voices too! We were cracking up for most of the show. Then we headed home at 11:00pm from Penns Station.

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Anonymous said...

I love this blog!! hehe! xoxoxo

I loved going with my bestie too!!

I did I did!! Most fun trip ever!!!

I miss it!!! And...Miss you!!!!!!