Sunday, June 12, 2011

Snapshots of my day

Gave myself a pedicure.
Had a backyard BBQ with Ryan.
Steak & Onions on the grill
(served with chimichurri sauce, salad and rice)
Cold beer. 

Oliver was napping while we were grilling. He woke up just in time to join us at the table. We like to have family meal times together. Of course little O isn't ready for steak yet (heehee) - he had his baby food. 

I love relaxing in the backyard with my boys. 

This weekend was fun. Abigail and Josh came over yesterday. I love them so much. Abigail made an amazing blueberry pie. She handpicked the blueberries and made the crust from scratch. And the best part is she left the pie with us so I got to have a piece for breakfast this morning. Yum. 

Ryan and I watched Blue Valentine after they left. The movie is raw but I think it was interesting and very real. It made me think plus it has this certain awkwardness to it that I like. 

And last but not least...I saved the best part for last. Heehee...Just want to share this little video of Oliver laughing histerically. I just adore his laugh. He is funny.

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