Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday at home

Oliver doesn't really care about his toys or his teddy bears, he likes the tags on his toys. He seems to really like little tiny things. My aunt and I were laughing about how he likes to fall asleep playing with the tag or one tiny thread on his blanket. He is so funny. I can't get over how cute he is. He was asleep in about 5 minutes of me starting this little photoshoot. 

And now here he is awake and playing in his favorite thing - his walker. :) He just loves that thing! I still can't believe he is 8 months old (as of 4.28.11 our 10 year anniversary). Before we know it he will be a 1 year old!


Zonia said...

He's so freaking adorable!!

AquĆ­ said...

how freakin cute! he looks so warm and cozy!

jane said...

Adorable <3