Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I'm thinking about right now...

1. I've been obsessed with Pinterest lately. Like laying in my bed pinning things on my iPhone at midnight when I should be sleeping obessed! :) I just love it. It helps me organize my inspirations for the home and decor, for makeup and hair, fashion and style, etc. I think it will really come in handy.

2.  Oliver's stroller was STOLEN from our front porch!!! I'm really upset with myself for leaving it out there overnight. My neighbors next door leave their strollers outside too so I didn't really think anything of it. So bummed. I really liked my stroller. So now I need to get another stroller. And I'm looking at the Sola stroller by Mamas and Papas. I really like the functionality of this one. It's so versatile (not to mention that it is so cute). I found it for a lot less online than what the website sells it for or for what Babies R Us is asking. I love that you can turn the seat frontward or backward. And if we ever have another baby there are lots of attachments (car seat, bassinet, etc). This stroller is an affordable alternative to the Bumbleride stroller. 

3.  Ryan and I are going to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary on April 28th and we were thinking of going to NYC for the day. We are thinking of going to Chelsea to the galleries and then maybe to Limelight Marketplace and also we want to check out Eataly. My aunt, cousin and I may also go there in May or June. I'm going to scope it out first. 

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