Saturday, March 26, 2011

Almost 7 months old!!!

On the 28th Oliver will be 7 months old!!!!
His hair is growing,
he is running (not walking) in his walker on our hardwood floors,
he cries when I wipe his face after he eats,
when I change his diaper he persists on rolling over or tries to grab the wipes,
(this is especially 'cute' when his diaper looks like brownie batter and is almost up his back),
he laughs histerically at Tegan our pomeranian,
he loves to eat,
and although he will deny a bottle a time or two,
he'll never deny his spoon feeding, he loves prunes,
he sounds like he's singing sometimes,
and I swear he says "hi"
he loves kicking his feet and splashing while having a bubble bath in his whale tub,
he always smiles even if mom and dad have a disagreement,
reminding mom and dad that they are being silly,
he loves to grab his feet whenever he is laying on his back (no wonder they call it the "happy baby pose" in yoga),
he sits up so good now and plays until his heart is content in his playpen,
everything goes in his mouth,
he has a fascination with necklaces or anything shiny for that matter,
he just keeps getting cuter and cuter EVERY freakin' day,
Daddy loves when he puts his hands up on his face to feel his beard and smiles,
Mommy loves his good morning smile and look of excitement to see her first thing in the morning,

I just love my life being a mom.
Oliver, my son. I love you forever.

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Katrina said...

adorable! *mwah!*