Sunday, December 26, 2010

Living Room makeover

New slipcovers from IKEA...we have the Ektorp 2+2 sofa and it's great because every few years you can update or change the color and it's like you got a new sofa but it didn't break the bank. Also a new area rug from IKEA...I saw it on the Nate Berkus Show...he had it in his apartment. I love black and white stripes...surprisingly go with everything. We originally went in the store for the grey slipcovers but left with the light brown because we thought it would be too monochromatic if we got grey. I think that light brown is a great neutral to go with absolutely everything. I'm really happy. This was what we got with our Christmas gift money that we got from Ryan's family.  Pictured below is the ukuele that Ryan got me for Christmas...he surprised me! I had no idea.


Tish said...

Loving (& coveting. lol) that area rug. It's in all the interior design blogs. Nicely done!

Jen M said...

Very cute stuff- sounds like you had a good christmas! So glad! You'll have to fill me in with more details on how Oliver's first Christmas was! :)