Tuesday, July 27, 2010

36 Weeks, 1 day...Only 27 more days to go!


(Picture Collage from my shower - Kinsey took these pics with her iPhone)
Three friends of mine (Abby, Alison & Abigail) threw me a baby shower (was this past Sunday) and it was really special. Abby (my friend [and neighbor]) mentioned that she wanted to throw a shower for me back in the depths of winter while we were snowed in and eating dinner together. She joined forces with Abigail (my friend for years now-met while working at Rodale) and Alison (my long-long-long-time & amazing friend). Alison sent out the invitations and might I add that they were the most beautiful baby shower invitations that I have ever seen. Alison used Two Paperdolls to make them. So clever! The Two Paperdolls letterpress and design house does a phenomenal job! And of course Alison has awesome taste! Between the three of them they did this amazing barn/vintage/boy scouts themed baby shower and it was the most unique shower I have ever been to. It was right out of a magazine. Abigail's parents have this amazing barn and they so graciously let them host my shower there. Abigail was sweet enough to let them do it as well because she just got married there a month ago. I felt so "showered" with love and amazing gifts! I have everything I need to get started as a new mother now! I'm so thankful! Thank you thank you thank you to Abby, Alison & Abigail and to all the amazing friends who came to the shower!!!! xoxo

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