Saturday, January 10, 2009

I got my first issue of (my newly subscribed) Bon Appetit magazine and I decided to try this recipe for Coffee Crunch Bars. For the full recipe go HERE. I am very excited to try them! Tegan always keeps me company as I'm cooking/baking (I usually don't bake so this is fun). He paces back and forth and hopes that I drop something. I woke up early this morning and it was snowing and I thought "oh crap!, I have no food in my house — I can't get stuck in the house with no food!" So I ran out to the market and got some goodies. I'm all cozy at home baking and drinking coffee. I love being at home on Saturdays. Well I just wanted to share this new recipe with you. I hope that they turn out yummie!!!!Photobucket

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carolyn said...

yeah man Bon App! good choice grasshopper. i had so many culinary epiphanies this weekend that i cannot wait to experiment tomorrow/monday. the eggplant will be full of something-crusted tofu shots. speaking of which i can't wait to see how your pics come out tomorrow!!! try not to keep me in suspense too long before you post them ;P