Friday, December 19, 2008

It's a beautiful, but terrible for driving, SNOW DAY! I ventured out this morning even though it was freezing rain (that quickly turned to snow) and ended up turning right back around and going back home. I've been working from home though...ah, gone are the old days when a snow day meant taking a nap and sipping hot cocoa. I am also starting to get a bit of sore throat! Blek. No fun. Tegan is happy that I'm home and he's been sitting on my lap keeping me warm. I love being at home...who doesn't? I had some blueberries and raspberries with cream and a little sprinkle of sugar and 2 big, thick slices of semolina bread toasted for breakfast/lunch. I've been enjoying working on my laptop near my Christmas tree - It's the little things that delight me! I envisioned having a white artificial tree this year with black and silver christmas ornaments...maybe next year? The end of the season sales my have a white tree for me!I think it would look so chic and pretty with bold black ornaments! My living room is white, black and red so it would look SO nice! I'm already planning for next year! Target has a category on their website for Fashion Trees...(red, purple, pink...)My goodness....I need to stop!


carolyn said...

it always kills me how spotless/perfect your house always looks! i don't know how you do that, you're insane. you know, in a good way :) how you so easily resist the temptation to pile i'll never know.

Mme. said...

Oh that white tree is so fun! I love the idea of a white and black tree! I am glad you stayed home yesterday and stayed out of the bad weather. It was a good idea to not have to drive in slippery conditions. Also, the picture of Tegan is so very cute and your food is always so healthy and yummy looking.

Tonight Kyle is making chicken stew and we are watching Christmas vacation. I am trying to enjoy my Christmas tree before it goes away next week! :( That's pretty much our day.. hope yours is going okay... :( Thinking about you guys..