Saturday, October 25, 2008


I discovered a new eyelighter and it's changed my life. Isn't it funny when people say things like that and it's just about eye makeup or a pair of shoes? But seriously I really like this product. When I was in Sephora last weekend in Miami I purchased this. You just have to try it. Especially if you want your eyes to look awake and open.
It's great because you don't have to do much and you get a very dramatic effect and it comes off very clean and sultry but still a little natural.

Also...I have my eye on this watch: I don't usually go for a gold-toned watch or a Swatch but I've seen this watch on and it looks so good on. It's that "boyfriend" size watch that is very trendy this season. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Your menswear watch :)
You need to get that soon!
You've wanted one for a while! hehe!

I do love the eye pencil.
I always love trying new things like this.
It seems like one little thing or something different in your make up routine wouldn't make a big difference, but it DOES! I realized that when I got a brow pencil a few months ago- I was like- WOW! It makes a huge diff! Aww... if only we could have a shopping spree in Sephora, like supermarket sweep- like be set loose for 10 minutes and grab as much as we can for free. Could you imagine? Heaven!

Anyway, just got caught up on your blog while watching "Tim Gunn's Guide To Style" :) I love the new song on your player and the new look around here. It's very fun. Have you wore your new boots yet? I bet they look super cute! :) xoxox Love you

F A N C Y*pants said...

hee hee...guess what? I found a replica of this swatch for $10 at the Miami trade show that I went to and I got it. It looks EXACTLY like the Swatch but it says "Watch" instead of "Swatch". I'll have to wear it the next time we visit.'s so funny...but for $10 it was an immediate "find"!!!!! And I had to get it!!!!! Not sure how long it's going to last so I'm going to have to eventually get the real Swatch or a Fossil but for now it'll do.
OMG...Sephora shopping spree...I'd looooooove that too!!!!!!!
thank you for your comments...and yyyyeeeesss I love those fringe boots...I've worn them almost every day since I got them. They go with everything in my closet!!!!! And they are so slippers!!!!! Best purchase of the season for me!